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Established in 2012 by Mihir Sheth

Mihir Sheth founded Echoes Global Education back in 2012 on the cornerstone of becoming the go-to education consultancy for all aspiring students who wish to study in Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, or elsewhere. The idea was to bridge the gap between dreams and reality and enable Indian students to fulfil their wishes of receiving quality education on foreign soil. Thus, came together a group of professionals and consultants with the right connections and resources to form Echoes Global and the entity has been standing tall ever since, helping thousands of students achieve their academic goals.

Why consult with Echoes Global?

We agree that the field of education consultancy is now teeming with education consultants. Almost everyone says that they can help you to study in the UK or somewhere else. However, we do not just say the same. We make it happen.

At Echoes Global Education, you will find that our services are closely tailored to not only help you to apply for the required international competitive exams but we also help you to crack them, pick the best college that is right for you, sort out your immigration paperwork and even assist with scholarship and accommodation. We offer you the complete package in one place. As a student aspiring to study in the USA, Canada or any other top country, you need to focus solely on your ambitions to get the best possible education. We stand as your one-stop destination to take care of all your study overseas needs so that you do not remain distracted.

Our Mission

Even when the United States of America boasts of some internationally acclaimed universities and colleges, there are mediocre institutions spread across the country. Sitting in India, it is often impossible for a student to understand the quality of education he/she is likely to receive from the US university he/she thinks is reputed. The same holds true for every other foreign country.

This is where we have made it our mission at Echoes Global Education to help Indian students make intelligent and informed decisions about their academic future. No student with dreams deserves a subpar education just because the right help was not available. We intend to convert your dreams to study in Canada, Australia, Ireland or the UK or USA into reality and enable you to gather the knowledge and skills you need to become successful.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously uphold the foundation upon which we stand and further our cause of becoming the best international education consultants for all students. We believe in providing quality educational counselling. We want young minds to get the exposure they deserve. Echoes Global Education continuously finetunes its services to adapt to the changing demands of the world and make the process simple for the students.

Contact Echoes Global Experts

And achieve your dream of receiving the best international education from one of the best universities in the world. Drop an email or call us directly to get started. Believe that the success you deserve is now only a few simple steps away.

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