"United Kingdom" - The land of large cosmopolitan cities with picturesque countryside houses 3 of 10 world’s top universities.

The United Kingdom is home to 4 out of the Top 10 best universities in the world as ranked by QS World Rankings. And its more than 395 universities have produced nearly 44 Nobel Prize Laureates in just the last 50 years. On par with the United States, the UK is indeed the best place to complete your higher education and thousands of international students apply to British universities every year for success after college is guaranteed. Your decision to study in the UK is thus rightly placed but getting admission into one of the top colleges is not as easy as it sounds.

You first need to ask yourself

  • Which competitive exams will get you through the gates of the top universities in the UK?
  • How can you crack the TOEFL or GRE at first go, given their high application fees?
  • Which university of the 395 institutions will be best suited for your goals?
  • Of the 50,000 available courses, which one is meant for you?
  • Which university provides the best balance between academics and skill development?
  • How can you ensure that you land a scholarship in the university you pick?

Feeling overwhelmed? Worry not as Echoes Global Education has the answers ready for you. We are India’s premier education consultants who work with the mission of helping ambitious students like you to make intelligent decisions. Dreaming about studying in UK universities is just the first step. From there onwards, we will walk beside you to expertly assist in every way, right from prepping you for the competitive exams to editing your Statement of Purpose as per exact university guidelines to increasing your chances of landing a scholarship.

What studying in England will do to your future?

  • Your UK University degree will be internationally recognised and respected.
  • Study in London and you will literally be in the commercial hub of the world.
  • Almost all UK universities have top-notch infrastructure that builds on-demand skills.
  • You get cultural and corporate exposure like no other.
  • You can intern for 20 hours a week to gather work experience.
  • Stay back in England for a further 2 years after your degree to boost your career prospects.

In short, success will find you if you study in England. You get a rich student-life experience. And top corporations will value your education due to the academic quality that the country maintains. However, just like you, a million international students from all over the world dream of flying to the UK to complete their degrees and only a few thousand get through because of limited seats.

Echoes Global Education – your gateway to the UK

We bring a trove of expertise to the table when it comes to education consultancy and with Echoes Global Education, your chances of making the cut increase exponentially.

  • We will help you to beat the overwhelming competition.
  • We will assist you to maintain the nuances that the top UK universities look for.
  • Visa application and paperwork – we will take care of it all.
  • We will also sort out your travel and accommodation necessities.

Receive the complete education consulting package at Echoes Global Education. Land in England and build your career. Register with us today for a free education consulting to study in the UK and break the obstacles that stand in your way.

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