Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Do you dream of studying engineering abroad? Which country should you go to? Probably the first two names that will come to mind are the USA and Australia. But did you know that Ireland, Canada and New Zealand are offering great alternatives too? The same is true for every other subject that you wish to study.

Be it medicine or IT, law or social sciences, the once-popular countries are still popular but other countries have increased their educational quality and are offering similar all-around standards. You will need help to choose the best university overseas for what you think is the best might not be the best for you.

What study abroad counselling can do for you?

  • Widen your field of vision from just the top 10 names you read on the internet
  • Find a course that will help you build the career you want
  • Match course with faculty – not all top colleges have good faculty for a specific stream
  • Suggest alternate and related courses in case university and location is a priority to you
  • Clear confusions encircling your academic and career ambitions

Without overseas education counselling, you will generally be acting upon your best guess. You might want to work in the AI industry and think computer science engineering will get you there but a degree in AI might help your career better and you can explore the available options only through expert career counselling. It is not about handholding you to your dream career. Career and education counselling look to solidify your goals by providing the assistance you require.

Choose Echoes Global career guidance

At Echoes Global Education, we offer personalised counselling sessions. We listen to you first, note down your future plans and fill in the gaps with our professional expertise that we have accumulated over the years.

  • Best career counselling in India to help you build your career abroad
  • Relatable and friendly approach from experts who have made a similar journey before you
  • Comprehensive list of university and course suggestions that will surely get you started right away
  • Latest information from foreign universities acquired through our ongoing partnerships
  • Help with competitive exams, admissions, pre-departure sessions and more
  • Virtual guidance and counselling available at your convenience

Walk in the right direction and lay a solid foundation for your career. Register for our free study abroad counselling session and start crafting your life. Echoes Global Education has already helped thousands of students to take admission in overseas universities. Let us find the right match for you in the right country.

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