Student Services

Student Services

We will congratulate you for getting admitted to one of the top universities abroad. However, we wish we could also tell you that the hard part is over. Your dream to study abroad still has a few hurdles and they present unique challenges in their own ways. Before your admission, it was all about academics – involving colleges and courses. But after your admission, things become about facilitating the college to happen – visa, financing, accommodation and more.

Before you leave

  • You will need an approved bank loan to finance the tuition and other associated academic costs.
  • You will also need assistance with forex and travel insurance that enables you to travel safely.
  • Understand the culture of the place that you will be staying in as the difference can quickly overwhelm you.
  • Deal with the stress of leaving your home and family and the fear of venturing into something totally new.

Once you land

  • First up, you will need safe accommodation – either homestays or hostels.
  • You will have to learn to manage your money in a new currency.
  • During your course, you might need internships to sustain and gather work experience.
  • And you will need to prepare for jobs as the course nears completion.

All services under one roof

Echoes Global Education offers a comprehensive student services package that includes expert help with all of the above and more. When you partner with us to prepare for studying abroad, we make it our mission to see you through to your dream career. We share relationships with the country’s top banks that extend student loans. We work with trusted forex and travel agencies to make the job easier for you. Through our extensive presence around the world, we assure you of the best and safest accommodation along with references for top jobs and internships.

In short, you find all services under one roof. We simplify the road after admissions and help make your journey seamless. As aspiring students, your focus should lie only on education and your career and Echoes Global Education enables that. Tap into our decade’s worth of expertise and never look back.

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