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Over 3 lakh students head over to foreign soil from India to study abroad each year. A greater number aspires to do the same. The competition is only increasing with passing time and the authorities are making the process more complicated than ever before. If you are a student who dreams to complete your education abroad, Echoes Global Education is your education consultant who provides a seamless pathway. We take out the hassles from studying and immigrating abroad and keep you focused only on your goal.

Did you know?

  • Student visa rejections generally occur due to minor mistakes like address discrepancy
  • Scholarships available for international students have very limited seats
  • Each international competitive exam has different evaluation parameters
  • Accommodation is the next expensive investment right after university tuition

These challenges present themselves to students wishing to receive international education on top of language barriers and currency issues. On top of that, not all courses of every top university hold the same quality and it is impossible to know that sitting in another country.

Echoes Global Education is one of the premier study abroad consultants in India that works for eliminating the above challenges for aspiring students to keep their focus solely on academics. We believe these are mere distractions for you when you should be preparing for competitive exams, designing your academic future, innovating and imagining and fuelling your desire to succeed.

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In short, that is who we are. Ever since our inception, we have worked to claim the “best” spot in the industry by offering students exactly what they need. Our career counsellors are field experts with vast experience. We help you with visa paperwork, scholarship application, fee structure, accommodation, arrival support, course selection and more.

Any help you need regarding international education, we are your go-to consultants. Right from the day you dream to study overseas till you actually settle, we remain with you at every step.

End your search with us

And pluck out the stressors from studying abroad. Contact the best study abroad agents at Echoes Global with the right resources and give your ambition the kick it deserves for your life to take off. The competition may be stiff and the paperwork might be confusing but you are not supposed to worry about those as a next high-achiever. Let us take care of the legwork while you keep your focus where it belongs.

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