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If you have dreamt to study abroad, especially in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, you have surely heard of the IELTS. Today, more than 3 million people take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) that is recognised by over 10,000 organisations spread over 140 countries. A good score in the IELTS will help both your admission and immigration processes as the test takes you one step closer to your dreams. But the passing rate is still 50% of all applicants and this clearly suggests that you should not take the IELTS lightly.

IELTS format and difficulty

The IELTS is divided into four testing sections – reading, writing, speaking and listening. The reading, writing and listening tests generally happen on the same day, back to back, and consist of a set number of questions that you will have to answer within an hour. Your speaking proficiency is tested through a 15-minute interview either on the same day or after 7 days depending on your test centre.

A group of test experts from around the world work on the IELTS throughout the year to keep the system fair. It is intended to give everyone a fair chance irrespective of the country of origin, gender, culture and other parameters. You will be taking the Academic IELTS that is designed for students seeking further education in foreign countries and the benchmark of difficulty is generally higher than the General Training IELTS.

With Echoes Global, you can score above 7 bands

  • Personalised guidance to help you prepare at your own pace
  • Expert tutors with vast experience in the IELTS
  • Advanced test materials continuously at your disposal
  • A series of mock exams to help you fine-tune your readiness
  • Effective feedback to close possible loopholes in your preparations
  • Learning flexibility with our trainers available at your convenience

Echoes Global Education ensures that you crack the IELTS. We help you to secure a high score that opens the gates of opportunities in the top international universities. Combine our resources and assistance with your talent and you are sure to achieve your dreams. The IELTS will then just be another hurdle that you can overcome easily.

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