"New Zealand" - The country of blessed beauty ranks the highly respected and top 3% universities in the world.

You may picture New Zealand as the land of picturesque beaches and serene landscapes but this is a country whose 8 universities have consistently ranked in the top 3% of QS Global rankings. Along with natural beauty, New Zealand secretly harbours a world-class education system that focuses on skill development and academic excellence. Currently, New Zealand is growing fast as the technical hub of the world along with its known fame in healthcare, agriculture, physics and geology.

Study in New Zealand and give wings to your dreams

New Zealand is the perfect alternative to the UK education system and tuition is way more affordable than the northern country. When you land in New Zealand and get admitted into one of its top universities, you are swamped with opportunities, right from career growth to personal experience. The country is diverse. The curriculum is rich. You will learn your subjects to their cores and earn value while studying.

What sets New Zealand education apart?

  • The New Zealand Qualifications Authority keeps a close check on the country’s education quality.
  • Your degree from one of its universities will be internationally accredited.
  • You will learn to think critically, engage in productive discussions and explore with premier infrastructure.
  • Top companies of the world come to New Zealand universities to hire their graduates.
  • Immigration policies are student-friendly along with an abundance of scholarships available.
  • Tuition fee for international Ph.D. students is the same as domestic residents.
  • You can work for 20 hours a week part-time or choose to get employed in a full-time job while studying.

Limitless exposure in a safe environment

Auckland and Christchurch are corporate hubs of New Zealand. Study anywhere in the country and you will be exposed to the vibrant work culture that prioritises success and growth. Additionally, New Zealand ranks second in the Global Peace Index, making it one of the safest countries to stay and study in as an international student. After your graduation, you will have numerous visa options to either stay and work in New Zealand temporarily or become a permanent resident of the promising country.

However, your competition is with 1,20,000 students

That is the number of foreign students who are currently living in New Zealand. Thousands more apply each year to get into the country’s top universities and settle there. Due to its affordable but quality education, New Zealand is rising in the popularity quotient among international students and competition has become stiff over the last few years. Even the rush to land scholarships has compelled universities to raise their benchmark of acceptance and the entrance is highly congested.

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