"New Zealand" - The country of blessed beauty ranks the highly respected and top 3% universities in the world.

Why New Zealand Universities?

New Zealand offers prime educational opportunities in varied and most sought over disciplines of study at the low cost of living and many exclusive facilities. New Zealand universities top the Study Abroad list among international students for:

  • Picturesque campuses: The study abroad destination blessed with a galore of beauty packs the university campuses too. They offer world-class education gifting an extended vacation at the picturesque campuses.
  • International Reputation: The universities in New Zealand have gained an international reputation in recent years for their high academic excellence and international standards.
  • International exposure: Home to nearly 1.2 lakh international students New Zealand hosts a true distinct international ambiance with exposure to different cultures of the world.
  • Affordable living: The cost of study and living in New Zealand is much cheaper in comparison to another preferred study abroad destinations. The tuition fee of International students pursuing Ph.D. and MBA are much cheaper than the universities of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Top Ranked Universities: With 8 state-funded universities and 18 institutes of Technology New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 3% by QS World University Rankings.
  • Safety: With a progressive education system New Zealand offers a safe learning environment with state of the art facilities and excellent study opportunities and support services for international students.
  • Easy Entry Requirements: The heavy investment of the New Zealand government in higher education aids international students with easy entry requirements towards the increased students' intake.

The Adorable Education System:

The education system of New Zealand follows a British educational research-based model. This adorable model well suits international students from India and many other countries which follow the British education system. This model also ensures superior quality in teaching through academic staff with dual qualifications of a researcher cum teacher.

The interest shown by the New Zealand government towards higher education in terms of quality and investment has raised the standards of the institutes by several-fold. Tertiary education is delivered through Universities, Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics, Private Training Establishments and Industry Training Organisations.

The state-funded universities and institutes of technology offer diploma, bachelors, masters and doctoral programs with many research options in a wide spectrum of industrial and academic sectors. While the Polytechnics, Private Training Establishments and Industry Training Organisations offer vocational degrees and programs at the diploma and certificate levels.

Cost and Expenses:

Tuition Fee: The universities offer a cost-effective education system with much affordable and a reasonable tuition fee for international students than other Study Abroad destinations. The average annual international tuition fee is as follows:

Degree Average International Tuition Fee Range
Bachelors NZ$ 26,000-37,000
Masters NZ$ 26,000-37,000
PhD NZ$ 6,500-$9,000 (same as domestic students)

Living Expenses: International students should have at least NZ$15,000 to support themselves for each year of study. However, the living expenses depends on the lifestyle, location and spending habits to a larger extent.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Promising job opportunities: With reputable Study Abroad Programs & Universities International graduates from New Zealand enjoy top-notch job opportunities in varied industrial sectors of business, healthcare & community, farming & resources, IT & Telecommunications, hospitality, and tourism as well.
  • Student Visa: Enables students to pursue their full-time degree programs for 4 years with work-study options to support themselves.
  • Temporary Visa: Students desiring temporary residence can apply for a Work Visa to live and work in New Zealand over a period of time.
  • Permanent Visa: Students desiring resident residence can apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa to live and live and work indefinitely in NZ.

A step-by-step guide to Applications and Visa Requirement:

  1. Register with Echoes Global Education and have a student counselling session with our Education Counsellor.
  2. Shortlist the university with the preferred course meeting out your areas of interest, preferences, entry requirements and budget with guidance from our team of experts.
  3. Apply for the New Zealand university with our assistance on the admission process.
  4. Get visa counselling administered by our team of visa facilitators.
  5. Get AIP (Approval in Principle) from the New Zealand High Commission after Visa lodgement.
  6. Remittance of financial deposits.
  7. Deposit NZ$ 15,000 under FTS in New Zealand bank.
  8. Attend our pre-departure session to gain knowledge on the basic details and get ready for departure.

Rejoice your dream come true at the renowned New Zealand universities with our expertise!

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