"Australia" - The land of beauty houses 8 out of 100 top universities of the world

Why Australian Universities?

Australian Universities renowned for globally recognized programs, cultural diversity, friendly natives and high living standards is the third most popular international student destination. The most sought motives to pursue higher studies in Australia includes:

  • Education Powerhouse: Regarded “The Global Education Powerhouse” the Australian universities with world-class facilities and educators, presents a range of super qualified programs in diverse fields of study to meet up with the growing demands of the booming industries and the potential budding minds.
  • Best Student Cities: The thriving Australian high tech universities gifts 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world. Australia's best and biggest student cities Melbourne is the home to more than a third of the international student population.
  • Global Acknowledgement: Arts & Humanities, Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health, Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Physical and Social Sciences are the most popular majors of study to feature a global acknowledgment. Henceforth the Australian universities are ranked amongst the top 50 universities of the world.
  • Outstanding Innovations: 2,500,000 international alumni of the Australian universities have made big differences in our daily lives around the world. Few renowned innovations by them in the list include Penicillin, IVF, Ultrasound, Wi-Fi and many more. Many outstanding discoveries and innovations include 15 Nobel Prize laureates.
  • Diverse Fields of Study: More than 22,000 courses and programs are offered by nearly 1,100 institutions. Hence the universities offer a broad spectrum of study in varied disciplines of educational, medical, scientific, media, arts, and industrial domains.

State-of-Art Education System:

The Australian state-of-art education system incorporates the latest innovations, technological advances and current industry trends to equip the students with intense knowledge and ensure high education standards. An annual investment of more than AUS$ 200,000,000 by the Australian government on international scholarships helps the students to meet their cost and expenses with ease.

The tertiary education system in Australia includes both government and private institutions. 40 public, 2 international, and one private specialty university offers on-campus full-time, part-time and online bachelor and postgraduate courses in certificate, postgraduate diploma, masters and doctoral programs.

Australia ranks 9th in the world by The University System Ranking ahead of Germany, New Zealand and Japan.

Cost and Expenses:

Tuition Fee: Australian universities offer one of the shortest and affordable programs to the international students in comparison to the popular counterparts of the education destinations. The tuition fee depends on the discipline of study, degree level and university. The degree and the average annual international tuition fee is listed below:

  • Bachelor’s degree - AU$ 30,840
  • Master’s degree – AU$ 20,000 - $37,000
  • Doctoral degree – AU$ 14,000 - $37,000

Living Expenses: For affordable high living standards the visa requirements demand a minimum AU$20,290 from international students to meet the living expenses on top of tuition fees. However, the living costs vary considerably depending on the location and spending habits.

Employment Opportunities:

The emphasis on practical education with due research and training meets the growing demands of the potential industries of the modern era. Aeronautics, data & commercial analysis, cybersecurity, digital marketing, commercial analysis, software & business development, architecture, civil design, education, construction, facilities management, human resources are the few which tops the list of thriving fields. Australia welcomes skilled potential graduates to kick-start their career in the lucrative sectors.

With the expiry of the student visa, one can opt for a range of temporary visas. The simplified work visa process encourages more students to choose Australia for a global career.

  • Working holiday visa: Enables graduates to travel, study and work at the same time for a year.
  • Skilled Graduate Visa: Aids International students to extend their stay in Australia for a period of 18 months after graduation.
  • Work Visa: Enables international students to work in Australia under a current employer.
  • Permanent Visa: Enables individuals to reside and work in Australia indefinitely.

A step-by-step guide to Applications and Visa Requirement:

  1. Register with Echoes Global Education and have a student counselling session with our Education Counsellor.
  2. Shortlist the university with the preferred course meeting out your areas of interest, preferences, entry requirements and budget with guidance from our team of experts.
  3. Apply for the Australian university with our assistance on the admission process.
  4. Get visa counselling administered by our team of visa facilitators.
  5. Remittance of financial deposits.
  6. Receive COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) from the university.
  7. Apply for your visa with all the necessary documents with our guidance.
  8. Attend our pre-departure session to gain knowledge on the basic details and get ready for departure.

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