"Australia" - The land of beauty houses 8 out of 100 top universities of the world

Australia is the second most popular destination for international students to complete their degree courses, coming second only to the USA and closely contested by the UK. Thousands of aspirants apply for a new student visa in Australia per year and the competition is stiff to secure the limited seats available in the top universities. After all, the Australian education system is renowned in the world. Employment opportunities are abundant. And students get cultural exposure like no other country across the world.

If you have also decided to study in Australia, Echoes Global Education is your gateway. While the world is rushing to the country to get the best education, you can beat the competition with our expert help and guidance.

Why study in Australia?

  • 6 Australian Universities feature in the World’s Top 100 Universities according to rankings.
  • The country is already home to more than 700,000 international students.
  • The Australian higher education system ranks 8th in the world.
  • Over 22,000 quality courses are available in over 1,100 institutions.
  • International students’ satisfaction scores are nearly 90%.
  • 5 Australian cities feature in the Top 100 student-friendly cities of the world.
  • 15 Nobel Laureates have come from Australia.
  • And the government supports international scholarships in Australia.

And why not?

  • After completing your degree, Australia offers abundant internship opportunities.
  • Several temporary visa options are available after the expiry of student visa Australia subclass 500.
  • Australia has gifted the world a number of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Companies like Amcor, QBE Insurance and Coles are rooted in Australia.
  • Degrees of Australian Universities are recognised around the world.
  • And the work culture revolves around skill and proficiency.

Nothing but top-notch education

Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Medicine. Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Clinical education, Health. Pick any discipline and there are top-ranked universities in Australia that can fuel your dreams and propel your career. But the entrances are congested. Competitive exams and visa applications present major hurdles. Like the 700,000 students who succeeded to arrive in Australia, there are 700,000 more who fail to make the cut.

Want to study in Australia?

Allow Echoes Global Education to help. We are your expert education consultants who:

  • Counsel you to choose the right academic discipline.
  • Guide you to prepare for the competitive exams.
  • Assist you in picking the best Australian university suited for you.
  • Help to apply for an Australian student visa.
  • Support you in landing scholarships available for international students.
  • And take care of all travel and accommodation requirements.

With Echoes Global Education by your side, you can start getting ready to complete your education overseas, that too in Australia. Rise above the crowd, stay ahead of your peers. Australia will settle your career and it is time that you aim big, shoot right, and hit the bull’s eye with the best study abroad education consultancy in India.

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