"Canada" - The land of ice hockey filled with the picturesque landscapes of stunning snow-clad peaks ranks the 3rd best country in the world for education.

Why Canadian Universities?

The Universities and colleges offer high-quality education to domestic and international students as well. Many policies and programs have been initiated by the ministry of education to increase international student numbers in Canadian universities. Few reasons sought by prospective international students include:

  • Advanced Education Standards: A favourite destination for students across the globe for their welcoming culture and high academic standards.
  • Affordable Education: The Canadian universities offer the best affordable education in comparison to the other western counterparts. The average tuition fee for international students range between CA$ 6,838-CA$ 7,086 per annum.
  • International Recognition: The Canadian degree/ diploma/ certificate courses are globally recognized for their impeccable quality and standards. Canada is renowned for its research-intensive universities.
  • Campus Lifestyle: Canadian universities offer students a relaxed campus lifestyle with loads of modern amenities to enjoy their campus life with enormous possibilities for learning and leisure.
  • Safety: The welcoming and non-discriminatory society provide the students with a safe and secure environment to pursue their overseas education.
  • Student support: All universities and colleges offer student support services. The student services department and international offices aid international students with personal counselling, career development, student welfare and an opportunity to address their personal needs.
  • Financial aid: The universities offer scholarships, grants, and bursaries to deserving international students at both bachelors and masters level. These include subject-specific, sporting and academic achievement scholarships as well.
  • Career Prospects: Canada provides a broad platform of opportunities to the majority students in numerous sectors of modern industries. A Canadian degree is ranked high in the international job market.

The Prestigious Education System:

Canada offers both private and public education systems with a flexible degree structure mainly à la carte. With a Welcoming Policy Environment, the Canadian government subsidizes education heavily spending nearly 6% of its GDP to offer high academic standards at par excellence. Both the Government and Universities go hand in hand to provide benefits to the students to pursue their studies successfully.

The universities offer courses in the most common languages, English and French to stay ahead in boosting international students and in turn have succeeded. The Canadian education system offers three degrees: bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees with a strong focus on research, innovation and the latest technologies in numerous fields and disciplines. Universities encourage students to take up on/off-campus part-time jobs while studying in Canada to support themselves.

Cost and Expenses:

Tuition Fee: The Canadian tuition fee is less expensive than major overseas education destinations. The private universities charge higher tuition fee than public universities. The tuition fees vary depending on the enrolled university, type of program and level of degree. Arts and humanities courses are cheaper compared to expensive engineering and medicine. The average tuition fees in the universities and the degree are listed below:

  • Bachelor’s degree : CA$ 27,159
  • Master’s degree: CA$16,497

Living Expenses: : The Canadian visa requirements demand a minimum CA$10,000 from international students to meet the living expenses on top of tuition fees. However, the living costs vary considerably depending on the location and spending habitsh.

Employment Opportunities:

Post-Graduation Work Permit: International graduates can work for a maximum of 3 years after graduation from a Canadian university with the post-graduation work permit.

Procedure to Applications and Visa Requirements:

  1. Register with Echoes Global Education and have a student counselling session with our Education Counsellor.
  2. Shortlist the university with the preferred course meeting out your areas of interest, preferences, entry requirements and budget with guidance from our team of experts.
  3. Apply for the Canadian university with our assistance on the admission process
  4. Get visa counselling administered by our team of visa facilitators.
  5. Remittance of financial deposits.
  6. Receive LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from the university.
  7. Apply for your visa with all necessary documents with our guidance.
  8. Attend our pre-departure session to gain knowledge on the basic details and get ready for departure.

We are happy to guide you through the entire process and ensure one of the Canada’s best universities.

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