Admission and Application

Admission and Application

Of the 1.1 million international students currently studying in the United States, over 200,000 of them are Indians. And just scoring high in competitive exams like TOFEL and GRE did not take these students to study in the USA. They had to clear university admissions as well. Most aspiring students agree that university admission procedure is the biggest hurdle they face, more than exams and immigration. The rising competition combined with the demand for improving educational standards have compelled almost all top foreign universities to have strict filtering techniques that select only the cream from the crowd.

Your admission application needs to stand out

In the international arena, your competition is not only with the Indian students studying abroad. You will have to compete with students from China, South Korea, Canada, Norway, Middle East, Latin America and more. Each country has a different education system and a few of them surpasses India when it comes to schooling. Thus, you cannot just make the cut with high test scores. You need to convince the evaluators that you are the best student among all.

And how do you do that?

By sending an impeccable application that will guarantee your admission to abroad universities.

  • Write using flawless grammar and vocabulary
  • Follow every instruction mentioned in the admission brochure
  • Show your skills that are relevant to the university and course
  • Hold the attention of the evaluators throughout your application
  • Really make your SOP shine
  • 5 Keep things crisp, yet detailed

For enrolling into foreign universities, you need to think like their evaluators, get into their shoes. Check and recheck your application and leave no room for errors.

Feeling overwhelmed already?

The higher your ambition, the greater the difficulty. But we can make the admission procedure easy for you by infusing our vast expertise into your dreams. Echoes Global Education functions with the mission to help aspiring students land in the top international universities and build a successful career in the best industries. We are partners with experts who sit on college admission boards. We work with universities from around the world to assist students like you to outshine the crowd.

When you apply to international universities, we:

  • Edit your application to remove possible errors
  • Verify it with the rules given out by the universities
  • Brainstorm creative answers that will make your application stand out
  • Guide you to frame the perfect SOP
  • Think and talk like the evaluators
  • 5 Ensure timely submission of your admission application

Leave the hard work on Echoes Global Education. Our admission success rate is one of the best in the market as we stand beside our students at every step.

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