"USA" - The nation of perfect getaway destinations houses the world’s best universities.

You will want to study in the best higher education system in the world. You will want to be in a country that is home to 33 Universities from the World’s Top 100. You will want to be near big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. And you will want the recognition from having completed a degree from the most popular country among international students. In all, you will want to study in the USA and never look back either in your education or career.

How can you do that?

  • Register with Echoes Global Education and avail our free study abroad education counselling.
  • We will help you shortlist top universities in the USA along with the relevant courses.
  • With our expert assistance, apply for the universities as per their unique requirements.
  • Leave all visa-related responsibilities on us.
  • Finish the necessary financial deposits and wait for the CAS.
  • Take our pre-departure counselling to get ready to study in the USA.

Echoes Global Education stays with you at every step. We handhold you through the entire process from the moment you contact us. If you have dreamt to fly off to the United States of America and receive a world-class education, we are your education counsellors in India who can turn that ambition into reality.

Why do you need Echoes Global Education?

  • Over 10 lakh international students arrive in the United States every year.
  • In 2020 alone, the US government cancelled 64% more student visas of Indian students than the previous year.
  • Given the popularity, the United States of America’s universities maintain a tough admission procedure to filter out international students.
  • Tuition fee in the US is one the costliest in the world and scholarship is often the only way students can afford American education.

All these factors work together to keep the best education system in the world out of reach of many deserving Indian students. A small mistake in the visa application or a minor error in the college admission essay is enough to get your name off the list.

This is where Echoes Global Education’s expertise counts. We have been helping thousands of Indian students to complete abroad education in the USA for nearly a decade now. We will tackle the jargon of the US student visa application. We will polish your college admission forms so that you make a stronger case than the rest. The United States is the most difficult country for international students to enter but Echoes Global specialists can make that simple for you.

Study in the USA – Fulfill your dreams

International students in the USA enjoy a diverse curriculum combined with exceptional exposure and a thriving academic experience. The education system sharpens your skills, builds knowledge diversity, provides credibility and makes you a professional. Do not let high tuition fees or challenging admission procedures or tough immigration policies stop you. Contact Echoes Global Education. Embrace our guidance and counselling. And achieve your dreams by studying in the United States of America – the top academic and corporate hub of the world.

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