Visa Processing


Did you know that errors as simple as an address discrepancy between your application and Facebook page can lead to visa cancellations? Once rejected, the waiting period before you can apply again is in the range of months and that can drown your dream of studying in the best abroad university. Student visa applications can be tedious. The paperwork might overwhelm you. Combined with the nuances that immigration agents now inspect, the rate of cancellations is higher than approvals.

But you should not worry about visa

When you can delegate the same to Echoes Global Education. Visa filing and getting it approved come in our study abroad services. Once your admission application gets approved by a foreign university, we get to work immediately, collecting the necessary documents from you and getting them certified. We also help with translation services wherever necessary along with couriering the required paperwork and helping you keep deadlines. Echoes Global experts have been handling student visa applications for over a decade now and you cannot take a step wrong with our professional assistance.

Visa process for international students

  • First, you will need to prove admission into a recognised foreign university
  • Next, the immigration agency will test your financial capacity to bear travel, accommodation and living expenses
  • Your passport needs to be valid for the entire duration of your stay and 6 months more.
  • Some countries ask for health checkups and police verifications
  • Your native language proficiency is also tested.
  • And you might have to face a few questions in the Embassy

We will prepare you for all

Echoes Global will do the hard work of visa processing for you. We will help you stay updated on the latest happenings around visa applications and we will teach you about the culture of the foreign country. With the Echoes Global team by your side, getting your student visa will be seamless and you can focus on packing your bags and chasing your dreams.

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