"Ireland" - The most entrepreneurial country of the European hub ranks among the top 5% universities in the world.

With the right help and preparation, Irish Universities are fairly easy to get admission into when compared with the more popular countries like the US or UK. And the country is silently rising in rankings recently when it comes to international education standards. The top universities in Ireland featured in the top 3% of global universities rankings in 2019 and their names were included in the 1% list that is solely focussed on research and skill-oriented education. When you dream to study in Ireland, you take a sure step towards success. And Echoes Global Education can convert the entire picture into reality.

Why study in Ireland at all?

The curriculum followed in Irish universities is a bit different from most other countries.

  • No professor will spoon-feed you. You are expected to carry out your own study and seek only assistance from your lecturers.
  • Education is highly research-oriented. You will be taught through projects, case studies, tutorials and more.
  • You are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions. Dublin universities, especially, are known for their engaging pedagogy.
  • Critical thinking is infused into every lecture. You are to bounce ideas with your peers and take part in constructive debates.
  • The academic staff is always available for help. The ambiance compels you to thrive and work with intrinsic motivation.

On top of the academic structure of Ireland, you get:

  • High-quality education that is on par with the international standards.
  • Attention of big corporations who have most of their research units in Ireland.
  • Exposure to a diverse cultural mix as thousands of international students arrive in Ireland every year.
  • Employment opportunity after college in the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone.
  • The prospect of being a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Europe.
  • To learn upcoming fields like data science from the very best.

Want to study abroad? Think Ireland

Engineering courses in Dublin are world-renowned. So, are finance, medicine, information technology, MedTech, Food and Agriculture and others. Take advantage of the agile curriculum that the Irish universities follow which allows you to craft your degree course in sync with your career dreams. Additionally, Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe to live in and features the World’s Top 20 list when it comes to the quality of life and peace. Tuition is affordable, so are accommodation and daily expenses.

Get started with Echoes Global Education

The top universities of Ireland naturally see competition. Thousands of international students apply to the handful of Irish universities in the bid to settle their careers. On your own, you might lose the way but with Echoes Global Education backing you up, you are sure to land in Ireland and get admitted into a top-tier university.

  • Register with Echoes Global Education and get free student counselling with our study abroad expert.
  • We will then pinpoint a list of Irish universities best suited for you.
  • Our guidance will always be on offer to help you pick courses in line with your career goals.
  • We will sort out your visa application to Ireland.
  • Clear the financial deposits and wait for university confirmation.
  • Leave after taking our pre-departure session that readies you to live in Ireland.

Whether you want to study information technology in Ireland or any other subject, Echoes Global Education is your go-to consultancy in India. We understand university requirements. We have been helping students like you for years now to fulfill their academic dreams. With Echoes Global Education standing by your side, studying in Ireland is now possible where the quality of education automatically propels you towards success.

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