Scholarship Guidance

Scholarship Guidance

Following your dream of studying abroad in a well developed country can be a costly affair as a student from India. A fee reduction would certainly be of great help in covering another expense, like rental or travel cost. Many top Universities offer scholarships to reduce the fee burden of students.

With almost a decade in the overseas education domain, we have nurtured partnerships with various top universities. We thoroughly understand the scholarship process of these universities as we keep ourselves updated periodically. We can identify and apply for scholarship and save considerable amount of money for the students.

Some of the financial aid available for students

  • Fellowship
  • Teaching Assistance
  • Research associate
  • Merit Basis
  • Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Organisational scholarship

The scholarship programs offered by the institutions are designed in such way that it eases the cost burden of the students. The students also need to concentrate on their studies and not be concerned about the course fee. Financial aid for students can make a lot of difference in their study tenure.

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