Scholarship Guidance

Scholarship Guidance

There are numerous scholarships offered by international universities and governments. Yet, only 19% of all the applicants are known to receive them each year. Of them, 18% manage to get scholarships that cover half of total university attendance cost, 5.9% get the three-fourth cost covered while a mere 2.7% receive 90% coverage of the net costs. It is no news that despite the abundance of scholarships available today, the competition has risen to get them. A large chunk of students remains out of the loop and are expected to bear the full cost of foreign education.

But with the right help, landing a scholarship is possible

Just because university and government scholarships are difficult to get, it does not mean that they are impossible to reach. Scholarships are directly linked to a student’s academic capability. The higher your score, the higher the scholarship percentage you are likely to receive. And this pattern is the same for almost all countries. You will thus need to explore the right opportunities and apply for the right scholarships instead of continuously shooting in the dark. Echoes Global Education scholarship assistance service is designed to do just that. We help you to get the best scholarship program as per your academic score or percentage and place you in that 19% group who succeed in landing a scholarship.

What exactly do we do for you?

  • Pinpoint all the applicable university scholarships that you can target
  • Guide you through the different types of scholarship programs available in each country
  • Fine-tune your application and verify it against the rules mentioned
  • Assist in highlighting your skills and awards relevant for the scholarship
  • Ensure that all deadlines are timely met
  • Diversify your application list to ensure that you secure a scholarship

Avail the best scholarships with Echoes Global

Any percentage of expenses covered is helpful for a foreign student. Especially, if you are heading from India to a more developed country like the US or the UK where the currency difference is considerably high. 50-90% of attendance fees covered means that you will have enough funds left for other expenses like accommodation and travel and this is why all scholarships are important irrespective of the money involved.

Echoes Global Education has been working with partner universities for over a decade now. We understand their scholarship requirements, the academic background they are looking for and how they evaluate merit and skills. With our experts, you will rarely take a step wrong in your scholarship application and you can hope to beat the competition by a large margin. Sure, the field is crowded and everyone wants a scholarship but you will have Echoes Global by your side whose expertise will improve your chances.

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